Do I need to provide access to a toilet?

Toilet options are required on properties smaller than 20 acres. 

To ensure that Hipcampers are disposing of human waste in a way that is good for the environment, human health, and compliant with local laws, you cannot list on Hipcamp if you do not offer a toilet on your property. If your land is greater than 20 acres, you do not need to offer a toilet. If you offer dry camping (RV) only, you do not need to provide a toilet. View our Host Standards here.

If you have over 20 acres and decide to go with the 'no toilet' option, it is important to make this very clear in your listing. Outside of not selecting 'toilet' in the amenities section, we highly encourage you to include this in your listing description as well as include how you prefer Hipcampers to dispose of their waste in your 'Rules and Regulations' section while staying at your campsite. Here is what Leave No Trace suggests as best practices.

You know your land and local laws best as far as what might work for you, but here is a range of toilet options our Hosts typically offer:

  • no toilet
  • outdoor compostable toilet
  • indoor compostable toilet
  • port-a-potty
  • indoor plumbing toilet 

We can offer recommendations on some of these toilet options, just get in touch if you're interested.

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