How is response rate calculated?

Your response rate lets Hipcampers know how likely you are to respond to their booking request. Accepting or declining a request counts towards your response rate, while expiring (or not responding) counts against it. Messaging the Hipcamper does not count as responding, so you must accept or decline.

Your response rate shows the percentage of booking requests you've responded to on a scale of 0 to 100%. (For example, if you expired your first booking request but accepted your second, your response rate would be 50%.) It'll only appear on your listing page after you've received 3 booking requests, and will eventually be based on the past 5 booking requests you've received.

We encourage you to accept as many booking requests as possible, but we won't penalize you in your response rate if you decline. Having this appear on the listing page is helpful to make sure expectations are set and Hipcampers are happy.

You can view your response rate in the ‘Details’ section of your live listing page.

How to improve your response rate:

  • Remember that requests expire after 24 hours
  • Opt-in to receive SMS alerts for new requests under "Manage account," located in the navigation on the top right corner
    • Pro tip: make sure you've provided your cell number, not landline
  • Ensure your calendar is synced and up-to-date
  • Try to respond to camper questions as soon as possible

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