What affects my listing's search ranking?

Many factors contribute to your listing's position in our search results, and we're always tweaking the formula to help connect you with the right Hipcampers. Here are a few factors that will always be important for your rank:

  • Camp freshness: We'll give your listing a tiny rank boost if it's new. This helps give all listings an equal shot at getting booked :)
  • Location of search: When Hipcampers search for a precise area (like a city), results are weighed based on their distance from that point. However, when Hipcampers search for results by moving the map and hitting “re-search this area” or clicking on state or region names, results are weighed more based on their distance from the center of the map.
  • Instant Book vs. Request to Book: Switching from “Request to Book” to “Instant Book” will also advance your listing’s ranking in search results. (Learn more about the difference here.) We know this can be a tough decision and isn’t right for every Host, which is why highly responsive Request to Book Hosts can unlock the same boost in search.
  • Response Rate: If your listing is set as “Request to Book,” we factor in your Response Rate—how often you respond to booking requests. Learn how you can improve your Response Rate.
  • Response Time: The quicker you respond to booking requests, the higher your listing appears in search. Letting requests expire negatively affects your ranking. Learn how you can improve your Response Time.
  • Positive reviews and recommendations: As more Hipcampers stay and leave good reviews at your listing, your ranking will increase. Learn how recommendations work.

You may have to click through a few pages to find your listing. As you zoom in on your region on the map, your listing will get closer to the top of our search results because you’re narrowing the distance to your listing on the map. This is typically how Hipcampers use our search too (with a particular location in mind.)

If your Directions section includes the correct address and location and your listing is live, your listing will appear in our search results and will be bookable by Hipcampers. If you have any questions about where your listing appears in our search results, shoot a message to support@hipcamp.com.

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