What is Hipcamp's policy on removing photos?

Listing photos that are contributed from Hipcampers and Hosts are an important part of Hipcamp. A picture can say a thousand words, and images of campsites, amenities, views, and activities someone may be able to take part in at a specific Hipcamp can help potential Hipcampers decide to make a booking. Most of the time, photos are accurate and helpful for potential Hipcampers to view. However, in the situations where a photo should not be on a listing, we are happy to remove it on these grounds:

  • Duplicate photo
  • Bad quality photo
  • Not a photo of the property
  • The photographed amenity no longer exists
  • It's a photo of yourself you do not want on Hipcamp
  • Offensive photo or sensitive content
  • Spam content

As a Host or a Hipcamper, you can flag a photo when viewing it for one of these reasons. Support will receive your report and manually review the photo and associated reason selected for its removal. If upon review, the reason for flagging the photo doesn't line up with the reason selected, Hipcamp Support may get in touch with you to discuss the photo removal further. If there is not a clear reason to remove the photo in line with the reasons above, it will remain on the listing.

Please also note that as a Host, you are able to reorder your own photos on a listing if you want certain ones to appear at the beginning of all of the photos. Visit this FAQ to learn how to reorder your photos. 

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