How is my recommendation percentage calculated?

On the top left corner of your listing page, you'll notice a recommendation percentage, which lets Hipcampers know how many of your previous guests would recommend staying there. It'll only appear on your listing page after you've received three bookings.

When a Hipcamper returns from their trip, we ask them if they'd recommend your listing, providing three options: yes, maybe, or no. Here's what that means for your recommendation percentage:

  • Yes = 100% recommendation
  • Maybe = 50% recommendation
  • No = 0% recommendation

So, if you've had three recommends submitted—two that said "yes" and one that said "no," for example—your recommendation percentage would be roughly 67%. That's because you would have received two 100% ratings and one 0% ratings, which averages out to 67%.

Tips on improving your recommendation percentage:

  • Take private and public feedback from your Hipcampers into account
  • Be responsive and available
  • Make sure your directions are correct and your listing is accurately-portrayed, well-maintained, and safe

Read the complete guide to delivering a good Hipcamper experience here.

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