Field Scout: What size should my photos be?

We'd like each photo to be between 1500px and 3000px on the longest side, but please make sure you're not uploading super large files. Each photo should be less than 10MB. Here's how you can run a script on your photos to downsize them:

1. Make sure all your edits are in one folder.
2. In Photoshop click File > Scripts > Image Processor
3. Select the folder that contains your edits
4. Select "Save in Same Location"
5. Select "Save as JPEG", Quality set to "10" and set "Resize to fit" to 1500px for both the Width and the Height (This will honor the proportions of each individual image and not skew the image no matter the size or crop)
6. Check "Convert Profile to sRGB"
7. Hit “Run”
8. The resized images will begin populating in a folder called “JPEG” within your Edits folder.

Alternatively, you can use  this handy little tool to properly crunch your photos.

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