Is my property right for Hipcamp?

We have a few guidelines for listing on Hipcamp to ensure our Hipcampers have the experience in nature we are promising them. We ask that Hipcamp Hosts review and comply with these guidelines before starting a listing. 

🏡 Backyards and driveways in residential areas

Small backyards (under 2 acres) and driveways in residential areas typically aren’t a fit for Hipcamp. This is because the Hipcampers are unlikely to have the space and privacy they need, especially if neighbors can see their site, and they tend not to connect the Hipcamper with nature. Further, toilets can be an issue for sites like this, as there isn’t usually enough privacy to go outside, while using your personal toilet could feel intrusive.

🏘 Room, converted garage, or home rentals

We love that you want to share your home with Hipcampers, but we’ve found that these rentals aren’t typically what Hipcampers are searching for on our platform. This includes vacation and luxury homes, and most structures with more than one bedroom. Our whole platform is built on our mission to get more people outside, which means your listing should intend on connecting Hipcampers with nature above all. We’ve found that these types of listings aren’t directly aligned with our mission.

🚽 Toilet options are required on smaller properties

To ensure that Hipcampers are disposing of human waste in a way that is good for the environment, human health, and compliant with local laws, you cannot list on Hipcamp if you do not offer a toilet on your property. If your land is greater than 20 acres, you do not need to offer a toilet. If you offer dry camping (RV) only, you also do not need to provide a toilet.

🏟 One-time hosting events

As cool as your festival or one-time hosting event is, our platform is not built to support these and so we cannot allow you to list them at this time. If your land is always bookable by Hipcampers and you’re simply sharing a special event on your land through a new listing, that’s okay.

🚍 Trailer or RV parks

At this time, our platform cannot support trailer parks. Offering RV options on your land is a fit!

For more information, you can view our Host Standards page here, or click here to start your free listing if you're a fit!

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